Nestled in the forested plains of the Centrally located State of Madhya Pradesh Khajuraho is a tourist attracting village with a humble rustic ambience and rich cultural legacy from the glorious past.Traditionally believed to have been built by the Chandela rulers during 950-1050 A.D,Khajuraho is now a world heritage site by UNSECO for its archaeological and historical monuments. Khajuraho is quite famous for its temples and their erotic sculptures but there are also other sites in Khajuraho worth a view.Besides the Temples of Khajuraho there is a Fort,a Palace and a Museum to explore around to dwell upon the imperial as well as cultural grandeurs of the area.Other Attractions In Khajuraho comprises of appealing lakes and waterfalls along with beautiful rock formations that can lure Nature lovers who ramble down to the region.National parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries are also an attraction for wildlife aficionados. Khajuraho is an ideal tourist spot for those vacationers who want to have a relaxing and strain-free break from the humdrums of life.Tourist Spots In Khajuraho ranges from Palaces,Forts,Museum,National Park,Wildlife sanctuary,Waterfalls etc.


Location: 80 Km away from Khajuraho, Ajaygarh Fort used to be the capital of the Chandela Rulers during their reign.The fort is an interesting menu included among the Places Of Interests In Khajuraho.What to see: Rich military architecture and a sightseeing of the surrounding locations from the hill top where the fort is located. Best time to visit: All year round.


Location: 100 Km away from Khajuraho, Kalinjar Fort was built during the Gupta period.The fort is nestled in the famous Vindhya ranges and is a famous spot to visit in a Khajuraho Tour. What to see: A glimpse of the rich military architecture as well as the number of interesting temples within its premise.Best time to visit: All year round.


Location: 65 Km away from Khajuraho Dhubela Museum is situated in an old Fort in the way to Jhansi from Khajuraho What to see: Rare collection of Bundelkhandi object d”arts and rich sculpture of Shakti cult. Best time to visit: Round the year.


Location: 30 minutes from Khajuraho. What to see: Rich wildlife of Leopards, Wolves, Gharials, Wild Boars, Sloth Bear, Cheetals, Chowsinghas, Indian Foxes and Porcupines.The park has also dense teak tress providing a landscape of profound ravines and olive-green tranquil valleysBest time to visit: October-April


Location; 24 Km away from Khajuraho. What to see: The fish eating crocodiles taking shelter in their natural home in the sanctuary.Chinkara,chital,wild boar,blue bull and peacock are the other species found here. Best time to visit:Winter is the best season to visit the sanctuary.


Location: 30 Km away from Khajuraho,the Pandava Waterfalls lie on the Ken River.There is a traditional belief that the Pandavas spent most of their time during their exile in this place and hence the waterfalls are named after them. What to see:The free-falling waterfalls located in a lustrous landscape. Best time to visit: October to April.


Location: 20 Km away from Khajuraho the Raneh Falls lie on River Ken. What to see: The lovely rock formations and seasonal waterfalls in the suburb wooded area makes it an ideal picnic spot. Best time to visit: October to May.


Location : Benisagar and Ranguan Lakes are respectively 11 km and 25 km away from Khajuraho. What to see: Both the lakes have boating facilties which makes them an ideal venue for short picnic.Best time to visit: September to April