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Places To See In Bandhavgarh

Bandhavgarh National Park located in Madhya Pradesh is a must in your itinerary. Here one can hear the rustle of trees, the sweet melody of exotic birds, the exhilarating uncertainty of tiger steps, the tranquil surroundings of your cottage. Bandhavgarh which belongs to the Vidhyan mountain ranges is of utmost conservative interest for the tigers and other species of animals residing here. The concentration of tigers is highest in this sanctuary than in any other National Parks in India. White tigers which have not been found for umpteen years in the wild can be spotted here. Of all the National Parks in Madhya Pradesh, Bandhavgarh posses a diverse and rich wildlife. Places To See Within Bandhavgarh National Park Tourist attractions in Bandhavgarh seem like a big vivid carnival of wildlife, nature and flora and fauna. There are countless places to see in Bandhavgarh which will leave you feeling ecstatic, delighted and elated.

Gopalpur :

All bird watching lovers out there rejoice, as Gopalpur is a haven of birds and proudly boasts of other magnificent fauna, something tourists will reminiscence for a long time. Sheesh Shaiya-Origin of river Charanganga, an architectural marvel, a must visit for tourists to see the exceptional statue of Lord Vishnu.

Climbers Point :

This point is going to ensure all the natural beauty with sensational view among the Sal trees. Take a tranquil stop here and soak in the wonder called peace.

Bari Gufa :

Biggest manmade cave of the reserve dating back to the tenth century. Take in some history, learn about it, roam around and consider yourself blessed to be standing and viewing this gigantic structure. Also see the Three Cave Point.

Rajbahera- The Bandhaini Hillock View :

This meadow is the origin of river Dammer. Watch out for storks, vultures and herds of chital, samber and wild pigs. View of Bandhaini Hillock has its own magnetism.

Ketkiha - Pendanus Point :

This wet patch of aromatic plant "Pendanus " ( Kewra ) in the shadow of lofty jammu and arjun trees is the ultimate treasure of floristic wealth of the Reserve.

The Fort :

A trip to Bandhavgarh remains only partially perfect if one does not climb the fort which belongs to the Maharaja of Rewa, however permission is a pre requisite to visit it. A pool of spring water, the 560 acres of grasslands, temples all form and add up to the remarkable sight. A walk for about an hour ensures more spectacular sights like 10th century rock images of the incarnations of Vishnu, a statue of Narsimhan (half man half lion) and similar spectacular sights.

Opening Time :

The park can be visited from 1st October till 30th June