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Situated amidst the timbered plains of Madhya Pradesh,Khajuraho is a designated World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its archaeological and historical monuments.Khajuraho is an enthralling village with humble pastoral vibes and rich cultural heritage of the glorious past.By the very name Khajuraho one wonders if the place is jam-packed with lots of Khajur trees but on the contrary Khajuraho is famous not for its trees but for its enriched temple architecture and exquisite statuettes.Khaujuraho is an ideal spot of a North India Tour.

The Temples of Khajuraho were constructed by the Chandela rulers during 950-1050 A.D.The temples depict an amazing manifestation of awe-inspiring sensuality and chilling raptures.The various erotic arts of the temples echoes the approval of sex as a source of indulgence of mortal desires,as well as a step towards accomplishing ultimate emancipation or Moksha.

22 out of 85 temples built in Khajuraho are left to narrate splendor of outset of the rulers and architects of the then era.There is an old legendary myth that these exquisitely carved temples were constructed as wedding chariots for the Gods on the eve of Lord Shiva’s wedding with Goddess Parvati.This living tradition is still visible as people here celebrate Shivratri annually with great pomp and shows simultaneously helding a grand Mela on the eve.

Another older legend also describes quite differently from the original myth in the following way.Hemavati,a young beautiful daughter of a Brahmin priest inhabiting in the village was one day seduced by the Moon God while bathing in the Rati one evening.The union between a mortal and a God resulted to the birth of son,Chandravarman.Tormented by the conservative society of being an unwed mother,Hemavati sought shelter in the dense forest becoming a mother and Guru to young Chandravarman. Chandravarman grew up to be the founder of the great Chandela Dynasty.When he was finaaly renowned and recognized as a ruler,he had a ardent dream of her mother to fulfill.His mother beseeched him to build temples that would reveal human fervors,and in doing so brought about an insight of barrenness of mortal desires.

Khajuraho Travel will be quite an enthusiastic jaunt experiencing an intermingled taste of history,culture,architecture and environment.The temples are a must site to have a glimpse of the rich Chandela Dynasty.