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Khajuraho Temples

Khajuraho is a tiny village nestled in the timbered plains of the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Khajuraho is a renowned tourist destination known for its temples. Traditionally believed to have been built by the Chandela rulers during 950-1050 A.D, Khajuraho Temples are listed among the world heritage site by UNSECO.

The Temples of Khajuraho were constructed by the Chandela rulers during 950-1050 A.D. The temples depict an amazing manifestation of overwhelming sensuality. The various erotic arts of the temples echo the approval of sex as a source of indulgence of mortal desires, as well as a step towards accomplishing ultimate emancipation or Moksha.

22 out of 85 temples built in Khajuraho are left to narrate splendors of birth of the rulers and architects of the then era. There is an old legendary myth that these exquisitely carved temples were constructed as wedding chariots for the Gods on the eve of Lord Shiva’s wedding with Goddess Parvati. This living tradition is still visible as people here celebrate Shivratri annually with great pomp and fair.

Khajuraho Temples In India attract thousands of tourist every year from every part of the world. The Temples are divided as:

Western Group of Temples :

Kandariya Mahadev :

A 31 m high temple, it is the largest and most typical Khajuraho temple. Dated back to the 11th century Kandariya Mahadev Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is adorned with 800 images providing a glimpse of the rich Chandela Arts.

Chaunsath Yogini :

Located southwest of the Western group of temples, this 9th century temple is dedicated to the 64 Yoginis or manifestations of the Mother Goddess.

Chitragupta Temple :

Chitragaupta Temple, one of the venues for the Khajuraho Dance Festival is dedicated to the Sun God (Surya Dev).The east facing temple features an imposes five feet tall deity in the inner sanctum which is shown driving a horse-drawn chariot.

Vishwanatha Temple :

This is a must visit temple with impressive entrances, magnificent stone guarding its northern steps and royal masonry elephants warding the southern steps. The three headed image of Lord Brahma in the temple is also a captivating sight.

Lakshmana Temple :

This temple is dedicated to the divine trinity of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva along with Goddess Lakshmi, wife of Lord Vishnu.

Matangeshwara Temple :

Dedicated to Lord Shiva this temple is well known for the daunting 8 feet high lingam (male organ representing the natural process of reproduction and the continuity of human life form) that it enshrines.

The Western Group of temples is one spot worth to visit in your India Heritage Temple Tours.

Eastern Group of Temples :

Parsvanatha Temple :

Parsvanatha Temple is the largest Jain Temple among the Eastern group of temples. The temple features intricate stone carvings, and sculptures enshrining a throne facing a bull emblem that represents the first Tirthankara (priest), Adinatha.

Ghantai Temple :

Ghantai Temple is a Jain Temple where the sculptures depict the 16 dreams of Lord Mahavira at the time of his birth.

Adinatha Temple :

Richly ornamented with frail and pretty sculptures such as Yakshis, this temple is dedicated to the first Jain Tirthankara(priest), Adinath.

Most of the temples in the Eastern group belong to Jain faith. However Hindu temples namely the Brahma temple enshrining a four-faced linga, the Vamana temple with divine carvings of sensuous celestial maidens in various postures and the Javari temple with an opulently carved doorway and magnificent sculpture on its exteriors are also present. Depicting a mixed tale of Chandela Arts and Jainism, Eastern Group of temples is an ideal spot for your Khajuraho India Travel.

Southern Group :

Duladeo temple:
Duladeo temple the Shiva Temple known for its striking images of the celestial maidens or the Apsaras in richly ornamented figures.

Chatarbhuja Temple :
This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu featuring a huge imposing intricately carved image of Lord Vishnu which is the chief attraction of the temple.

Your Khajuraho Tour will be quite an enthusiastic jaunt experiencing an intermingling taste of history, culture, architecture and religion.