khajuraho excursions

The small town of Khajuraho is just about temples, there are also a few picturesque hotspots and wildlife scanturies located nearby which make a trip to Khajuraho memorable as well as worthwhile. The Panna National Park and the Bandhavgarh National Park are to a variety of wildlife including tigers. The Dhubela Museum (64 km), on the Jhansi-Khajuraho road, houses the weapons, paintings, and sculptures of the Bundela kings as well as a wide variety of sculptures of the Shakti cult. Located on the Ken River , the Pandav Falls (30 km) is a major attraction in the vicinity of Khajuraho as are the Benisagar and Ranguan Lakes . Other attractions include the Raigarh Palace now a heritage hotel, the Ajaygarh Fort (80 km) and the Kalinjar Fort.

Dhubela Museum :

Located some 64 km away from Khajuraho on the Jhansi-Khajuraho road at the bank of a lake in an old fort is the Dhubela Museum.The museum house a rare collection of Bundelkhandi artifacts and a myriad of sculptures of Shakti cult. There are also different sections devoted to garments, weapons and paintings. One can also visit the Old Fort of Dhubela (57 Kms) , Pipraghat (24 km) a recently developed excursion spot and the Ken river whose crystal clear waters make it an ideal spot for boating, swimming and angling.

Bandhavgarh National Park :

Once the game preserve of the Maharajahs of Rewa, Bandhavgarh National Park set amidst the Vindhyan Mountain range of Madhya Pradesh, is to the famous White Tigers of Rewa. Known popularly as the White Tiger country, the world's first white tiger 'Mohan' was found here in the jungles of Bandhavgarh. Declared as a National Park in 1968, Bandhavgarh, today has one of the highest density of Tiger populations in the country.

The landscape is a unique mixture of steep and rocky hills, with flat tops and level grasslands in the valleys below. The vegetation found within the Park is moist deciduous forest with fine Sal trees with stretches of bamboo. Among the other wild attractions include Nilgai, Chital, Chinkara, Gaur, Sloth Bears and Wild Boar along with some 250 species of birds.

Visitors can visit the park during the time period of Mid November to mid June, still the best period to come is January-April. Park is open from 1st of October to 30th June only.

Panna National Park :

Situated in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh at a distance of around 57 km from Khajuraho is the Panna. The erstwhile capital of the Bundela kingdom, the region is famous for its diamonds, temples and is also to some of the best wildlife species in India having one of the best Tiger Reserves of the country. One more attraction in this region is the Rajgarh Palace , a magnificent piece of architecture overlooking the valley. The Pandav falls is also a major attraction with its lake fed by a waterfall.

Panna National Park is the 22nd Tiger reserve of India and fifth in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The Reserve is situated in the Vindhyan Ranges and spreads over Panna and Chattarpur districts in the north of the state. The park's topography is a magnificent one of deep gorges, tranquil valley and dense teak forests . One can find find here different types of birds as well as flora and fauna. Previously a hunting reserve of the Panna family, the area was declared a national park in 1981. An ideal place for wildlife lovers, the park is visited by thousands of tourists every year especially during the months of January to May. The region is rich in wildlife and its main attraction are the tiger, sloth bear, wolves, chital, chinkara , sambergharials, wild boars, chowsinghas, foxes and porcupines.

Panna Diamond Mines :

56 km from Khajuraho near Majhganwa is Panna Diamond Mines, the world's largest and the only working diamond mines of India . An interesting place to visit, the mines are opened from 9 am to 1 pm. Sunday Closed.

Rajgarh Palace :

Located 25 km from Khajuraho and near the Peetambra-Peeth is the 150-year-old Rajgarh Palace . Built by King Shatrujit Bundela, the palace situated at the foot of Maniyagarh hills gives a glimpse of the Bundela style of architecture. The palace is now a heritage hotel and its museum located within the palace has a fair collection of various geological & cultural artifacts.

Nachna :

Nachna is known for the Chaturmukha Mahadev temple named after the colossal four-faced lingam, which is still enshrined inside. It is 40 km from Panna and was once a famous city of the Nagvakataka and Gupta Empire.

Pandava Waterfalls :

The Pandava Waterfalls named after the Mythical Pandavas brothers who are said to have resided here during their exile is a picturesque picnic spot that is located 30 km from Khajuraho on the Panna road.

Raneh Falls :

Raneh Falls situated at a distance of 25 km from the Pandava Waterfall is famous for its lovely rock formations. Besides the multihued pure crystalline granite canyon, which is 5 km long and about 100 ft deep, in varying shades of pink, red and gray, there are a number of seasonal waterfalls in the nearby wooded area making it an ideal picnic spot.

Kalinjar Fort :

Built during the Gupta period, the Kalinjar Fort standing on an isolated hill of the Vindhya range 38 km away from Attara railway station and 100 km from Khajuraho is among the oldest sites dating back to the 2nd century AD., the fort captured was Chandela ruler Shri Yashovarman in the 10th century.

Ajaygarh Fort :

The capital of the Chandella rulers during their decline, the fort is situated at a height of 688 metres and was given to Shri Jagat Raj by his father Chhatrasal in 1731.

Ramvan :

14 km from Satna is Ramvan where a small museum housing a large collection of Tulsidas' manuscripts, remains of the Barhut Stupa (2nd century BC) and early medieval and Gupta sculptures is located.

Ken Gharial Sanctuary :

24 km from Khajuraho, Ken Gharial sanctuary is the best place to see the crocodiles with long-snouts living in their natural home.

Benisagar and Ranguan Lakes :

Located 11 km from Khajuraho, Benisagar along with Lake Ranguan (25kms from Khajuraho) is an ideal place for boating and angling.However, permission of the Assistant Director Fisheries Department, Nowgong, Madhya Pradesh is necessary.