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Khajuraho Dance Festival

Khajuraho Dance Festival annually takes place for 9 days starting from 25th Feb to 2nd March.Held in the open-air auditorium situated in front of the Chitragupta Temple dedicated to Sun God and Vishwanatha Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, the dance festival is quite famous providing a perfect means of leisure to tourist. Held in the temples situated at the Western Group of Temples which is the largest preserved and easily accessible temple group of Khajuraho,the dance festival is one tourist-attracting event in Khajuraho in an India Tour. Started since 2002 this weeklong held the Khajuraho Dance Festival has now become a renowned festival with its eccentric traditional dance concert presented amidst the illusory setting of grandeurly lighted temples.

Khajuraho Dances are a tourist attracting event held every year in the humble vibes of Khajuraho village. The Khajuraho Dance festival is one of the popular Festivals In Khajuraho held every year.It is getting more popular because of its various cultural related programmes held during the festival.Khajuraho Temples depict rich statuettes of the Chandela Dynasty.The Temples illustrate various skills and arts of courtly love including dance and music in the stone.

A cultural festival is also held highlighting the various classical dances of India.The Khajuraho Tour is made more interesting and alluring with the various classical dances performed by the most skilled artist and performers from various parts of the Nation. The best known dance styles such as the murky footwork of Kathak, highly stylish and classy Bharatnatyam, soft lyrical temple dance of Odissi,the dance dramas of Kuchipudi,the rare and colourful Manipuri Ras Lila and Kathakali stage fights with intricate masksApart from the Classical Dances modern Indian Dances also take part in the Khajuraho Dance Festival.

As a part of, one can also notice a number of craftsmen trading off their home-grown arts and crafts to the guests adding a new tang to the Khajuraho Dance Festival in a Khajuraho Tour.