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Birds Inside Kanha National Park

One of the supreme attractions in Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh, is bird watching. It is a place brimming with rich bird life and offers ample opportunities for bird lovers. Thousands of bird watchers and ornithologists are drawn to Kanha from all over the world every year. Kanha Museum encompasses a colossal wall exhibit showing 64 general birds of Kanha, as these numbers advocate, by the standards of Indian national parks, Kanha offers a significant range for example; at least 52 of the 77 families of Indian birds are depicted here.

The park shelters a sizable population of birds so much so that there are more than 300 species of birds in Kanha National Park making it heaven for bird watchers. Early mornings and late afternoon periods are best for birding in Kanha National Park. A birdwatcher here can expect numerous varieties of birds though it differs with the time of year; a fortnight's visit should effortlessly bring in about 100 species.

The mixed and bamboo forests and the grassy forest clearings are ideal spots for bird watching in Kanha National Park. Owing to the vast range of birds found here, It's difficult to point out all the birds found in the Park.