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Best time to visit varanasi

Located in the northern parts of India, Varanasi is a city in Uttar Pradesh, the Indian state. It is situated on the banks of the holiest river of India, the Ganges. The cultural centre of India Varanasi lies with the confluence of River Varuna with the holy Ganges and has another ravine meandering through its alleyways known as River Asi. The rich cultural existence of Varanasi is deeply associated with the sacred water of River Ganges. So, when planning to attain spiritual ‘Nirvana’ at Varanasi one must check the best time to visit Varanasi. Apart from the climatic conditions knowledge of the fairs and festivals is also largely helpful in determining the best time to tour Varanasi.

Climate of Varanasi: As Varanasi lies on the tropic of cancer it has a humid subtropical climate and the seasons of winters witnesses high variations with that of summers. The city witnesses summer season from April to October with the exception of June and July when city faces abundant of rain showers. The temperature can be as hot as 45 degree C in summers with unbearable humidity. Winters are quite pleasant as the temperature dips to about 5 degree C and the average temperature ranges from 5° C to 15°C.

  • Though, Varanasi can be visited whole year if you do not mind the smell of the sweat but most pleasant months to visit are October to April.
  • For those who would like to avoid the cold weather a cool dry season between November and March can be the best time to travel Varanasi.
    The time of June to September is also considered ideal time to visit Varanasi for the holy River Ganges gets cleansed with the monsoon rain and a dip in the river is surely have soul cleansing effects on the devotees.

Festive Season in Varanasi: The fascinating city of Varanasi is considered holiest of all religious in India, thereby attracting thousands of pilgrims, devotees, seekers of religious awakening and many others interested in exploring these fascinating shrines. The city celebrates many festivals and fairs round the year in high spirits and thus remains very lively through out making all the months worth visiting. Some of the main festivals in Varanasi take place in the months of October or November which includes Bharat Milap and Deepawali; related to the life of Lord Rama these festivals are celebrated on a great magnitude. Deepawali also coincide with the Jain festival of light and Guru Nanak Jayanti celebrated by the Sikh community. Mahashivratri and Hanuman Jayanti take place in between the months of February to March.

Rather checking for the best time to visit Varanasi, you should decide upon right time for you to visit according to your suitability and then look up for the fairs and festivals in Varanasi is hosting during that time period.