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Climate of Khajuraho

Situated amidst the timbered plains of Madhya Pradesh,Khajuraho temples are well known for being a World Heritage Site.The Temples portray elegant and exquisite architectures attracting tourist to herd ahead for splendid sights in the site. Climate of Khajuraho is of extreme type.The summers are quite hot and stuffy with the mercury raising to 47 deg C.And on the contrary winters are nerve-jangling cold with the mercury plunging down to 4 deg C.Mosoons vary from the month of July and September creating an unpleasant interlude to visitors.Best Season To Visit Khajuraho is between the month of October and June. Explore the Khajuraho Tour planning your jaunt between Autumn and spring season to experience the best flavoured moments of your life amidst the magnificent architectures of Khajuraho. A Travel to Khajuraho will rejuvenate your soul sticking memories of marvellous architectural works of Khajuraho Temples.